What We Do

Property Development

Alicon was established to undertake residential and mixed use development in Birmingham and towns within the counties of  Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. We have the experience and the skills needed to undertake projects of various sizes and are looking to provide much needed supply in the following market areas:-

  • Mature buyers looking to downsize, both for convenience and for improved access to amenities
  • New buyers intending to establish themselves on the property ladder through shared equity and other help- to-buy initiatives
  • Construction of  medium and high density 'buy to let' property in carefully selected suitable locations

​Whilst some developers are comfortable with and therefore focus on single-use schemes, Alicon sees opportunities and has the experience to deliver mixed-use developments thus satisfying broader market requirements; providing homes, jobs and amenities

Development Management

Having worked in the field of property development for many years, the Alicon team provides the expertise and skills needed to help other  investors and property owners to realise the enhanced value of their assets, which may not be possible without these additional skills.

We have worked with individuals, SMEs and major PLCs in joint venture to combine our strengths and to deliver successful projects for all involved. Such collaboration has been undertaken with:-

  • Investment Funds looking to refresh and increase the value of their existing assets
  • Retailers and other operators who's redundant facilities require additional development skills, to assist their teams extract value from surplus assets
  • Property owners focused on  the current operational use of their assets in order to provide  the optimum utilisation of their land; we enable value to be released where improved efficiencies have been identified

Masterplanning and Consultancy

Our experience includes the leadership of teams working on major regeneration projects and resulting in planning consent for over 6,000 new homes, 1m sqft of offices, 1m sqft of industrial space, new schools,  retail and other community facilities.

​As part of this work we have helped operators to re-examine landholdings to identify value that will pay for remediation, land stabilisation and residual liabilities that historic operations may have caused. Those solutions have enabled such businesses to release provisions for historic liabilities and have allowed the land to be regenerated and put to good use once again.

Organisations that have benefitted from such work include:-

  • A major energy provider with potentially valuable landholdings in the South East and other locations
  • A minerals company with significant brownfield landholding in the Midlands, Yorkshire and the North East